Anya Hindmarch Cereal Box Clutch Bag


I admire, the boldness of Anya Hindmarch, the creativity that they spurt in the fashion industry. Inspired by our daily life, they turn everything into bags. Oh wait, you must have read our previous article, the Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Clutch, an accessory that looks like a crispy bag.

Now imagine, you just wake up. You go do your usually thing; shower, put some casual clothes on, teeth brushing and then you end up in the kitchen. You grab some cereal and milk, you take a few bites and then you looked at your clock. Shoot, you are going to be late for your appointment and its rather important. Because you couldn’t find a bag to put your keys and wallet, so you decided to be creative and use the Cereal box as a clutch.

All right, the Anya Hindmarch Cereal Box Clutch. It’s too little for casual and too much for chic. Do you want to hold a kellogg’s corn flakes box on your friend’s birthday? I bet you will not.

But then we need to share another image with you. You see, sizes does matter, if the Anya Hindmarch Cereal Box Clutch was as large as the real one, then I would turn it down, but what if it was a small bag, one that you can hold with one hand. Will that change your mind?


To be honest, I find this clutch super cute, of course it works best in casual parties. It’s also an interesting weapon to attract attention and get people starting the conversation with you.

The prices and exact size measurements are still unknown, this bag is from Anya Hindmarch Fall Winter 2014 Collection, we will keep you informed.




Pictures courtesy of: Instagram @AnyaHindmarch


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