A Closer Look: Diorama Wallet On Chain


We’ve seen all sorts of WOC aka Wallet on Chain bags. But you want to stick with the classics and WOC’s that not many people carry.

So when Dior was introducing the Diorama Wallet on Chain, we jumped through the roof.

Our friend Winni was doing some shopping spree again in Europe, she accidentally found the Diorama Wallet on Chain Bag and without thinking she bought one in fuchsia. And belief me, it’s gorgeous!

Diorama might be new (we mean, it’s has just been introduced), but it’s promising a lot. It’s one of the first squared flap bags that Dior has ever made and it got character, charisma and its own personality.

For example, the front closure that looks like a badge and the beautiful chain.

The Diorama Wallet On Chain is new, it’s the smaller version of the original Diorama Flap Bags. It features a long chain to carry on your shoulder or cross body. And the best of the best, it’s available in single colors.

And there’s more – the leather, craftsmanship and experience, they are all wonderful. While other designer brands are increasing their price, Dior put a nice price tag on this one. It’s priced at €840 euro with VAT at Dior boutique.

So what are you waiting for? Start the hunt!




  1. Aoi June 2, 2015 Reply

    Hi! Do you know price in usd?

    • Author
      Alex June 3, 2015 Reply

      Hi Aoi, not sure yet. But I know the mini version is $2700 USD

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