Balenciaga Shopping Phone Holders

Balenciaga Shopping Bag Phone Holders thumb

Shopping Bag and Phone Holder? Did we write something wrong? Nah, Balenciaga just designed a weird but quite playful fashion toy. It’s a Phone Holder in the shape of a Shopping Bag. Clever? The purpose of this Shopping Bag is to hold your smartphone, but of course it can be used for other occasions too, … Read more

Are The Louis Vuitton Trunk-Inspired Phone Holders Going To Be The ‘IT’ Thing?

Louis Vuitton Trunk Inspired Phone Holders thumb

The fashion world was stunned by the Louis Vuitton Classic-Trunk Inspired Phone Holders. Forget about the bags for a moment because this is where all the attentions where focused on. When it was first-released, we thought it was a micro clutch bag, but when looking more closely we knew we are witnessing the next big … Read more

A Closer Look: Chanel Chain Around Phone Holders

A Closer Look Chanel Chain Around Phone Holders thumb

This article was just a matter of time. You see, it’s nice to see the Chanel Chain Around Phone Holder’s model images, but how about in real insta-images? The Chanel Chain Around Phone Holders have been released for the Fall Winter 2016 Collection Act 2. It’s a complete new design with chain around the edges, … Read more

Chanel Quilted Phone Holders

Chanel Quilted Phone Holders thumb

Chanel Medium Quilted Phone Holders Style code: A80762 Size: 5.5’ x 2.8’ x 0.4’ inches Price: $525 USD, €480 euro No company can ignore the power of today’s technology; the smartphone has become the essential for our daily life. We’re doing everything on it; alarm clock, calculator, messaging, web surfing, games and so on. And … Read more