Selfridge x Nails INC Manicure Nail Polish Set

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As long as it isn’t Christmas, we will keep throwing gift ideas at you like there are no limits. Another ‘must have’ beauty box is the new ‘message in a manicure nail polished set’ from Nails INC, it’s only available on Selfridge. This is a limited edition collection exclusively put together to celebrate the upcoming … Read more

Givenchy Leather Guide

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Givenchy Calf Leather When it comes to Givenchy Calf Leather, there’s so many positive benefits it’s not even funny. It’s the go-to option for the majority of women due to its price, its appearance, and its functionality. It’s a lightweight leather that looks magnificent in any color, and its buttery smooth texture won’t get rough … Read more

Prada Leather Guide

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Prada Safiano (Lux) Leather One of Prada’s most popular and historic leathers is none other than Prada Safiano Leather. This gorgeous leather is made specifically of Calf leather with a uniquely designed diagonal pattern. In fact, this diagonal design is so unique and specially made it has been patented by Prada. Made with heat-stamped synthetic … Read more

The Ultimate Givenchy Antigona Bag Review

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  You’re about to get spoiled, because this is the ultimate guide to the Givenchy Antigona Bag. And because of our never-ending bag obsession, we will be chit chatting about every detail possible, starting from the history and sizes to the leather quality and the prices. This is a great read if you’re considering buying … Read more