Moynat Mini Vanity Case

Moynat Mini Vanity Case thumb

Joining the trend of Vanity Cases, here is another underrated bag by Moynat. A beautiful streamlined structured box bag that is inspired by the classic trunks. Classic trunks? Isn’t that Louis Vuitton’s thing? Did you know that the brand Moynat is older than Louis Vuitton. Moynat also started as trunk makers, handcrafting luggage and travel … Read more

Moynat Madeleine Clutch

Moynat Madeleine Clutch thumb

We need to fully inform you about the Moynat Madeleine Clutch, which is an under-the-radar bag. The Madeleine Clutch is not like the Madeleine Shoulder Bag, even tough it’s from the same collection. This clutch looks fabulous, streamlined and timeless. We especially love the extra-long wrist strap. This clutch is well sized and multi-functional. It … Read more

Moynat Madeleine Bag

Moynat Madeleine Bag thumb

Instagram @hikarupanda Our next bag feature is the Moynat Madeleine Bag. We still think this fashion brand is under-the-radar, which is perfect for those that want to standout (because not much people are carrying it yet). So why the Madeleine Bag besides it’s beautiful name. Well, because it’s very practical and useful. The Calfskin Leather … Read more

Moynat Gabrielle Bag

Moynat Gabrielle Bag thumb

Moynat is a high fashion brand under the radar. The design of their handbags, the quality and the customer service are comparable to the standards of popular brands like Dior and Chanel. Their most iconic handbag is the Rejane Bag, which we’ve already covered. But we’d also like to introduce the Gabrielle Bag, which was … Read more

Moynat Pauline Bag Review

Moynat Pauline Bag thumb

The Moynat Pauline Bag – named after the founder and crafted with quality as durable as Hermes, this is one of the most underrated handbags in the fashion world. Together with James, we are going to reveal the ins and the -outs of the Pauline Bag and all in full details with vivid images. The … Read more