Chanel 2.55 Reissue Classic Flap Bag: Reflection Of Coco Chanel

chanel classic 2.55 reissue

If there’s anything from Chanel that reflects back to Coco Chanel, that would be the Chanel 2.55 reissue classic flap bag. Coco started designing handbags in the 1920’s. At that time, women were carrying their handbags around their arms or by hand. So in 1929, Coco decided to introduce a handbag that has a strap … Read more

Chanel Coco Handle Bag

Chanel coco handle bag prices

  Chanel makes a lot of gorgeous handbags, but some of them are destined to stick around, like the Chanel Coco Handle Bag. First introduced in the Pre-Fall Winter 2015 Collection, nobody had ever thought that the Chanel Coco Handle Bag would come so far. But when you take another look at it, the bag … Read more

Chanel Coco Beach 2022 Collection

Chanel Coco Beach Collection thumb

An occasional special edition, celebrate the summer with the Chanel Coco Beach Collection. Enjoy these timeless handbags that can be worn again and again. Each piece is unique and is only exclusively available for this season. We will post more details about the sizes and prices here, these are what to expect from this collection:

Chanel Coco Handle Bag With Symbolic Handle

Chanel Coco Handle Bag With Symbolic Handle thumb

At first look, this Chanel Bag appears to be equipped with golden handle and embellished with black dots. But when you zoom into the details, it’s not. The gold part of the handle is crafted with perforated signature symbols: The Chanel Coco Handle Bag has become very popular, so it’s a good investment. Each season, … Read more

Chanel Coco Handle Bag With Woven Chain Leather Handle

Chanel Coco Handle Bag With Woven Chain Leather Handle thumb

The Chanel Coco Handle Bag is crafted with calfskin handle. The handle is reinvented with woven chain leather design, which gives it an extra elegant touch. Season: Chanel Spring Summer 2022 Collection Act 1 Style code: A92990 Size: 5.5 × 9.4 × 3.9 inches Prices: $6400 USD, $7450 CAD, €5500 EUR, £4670 GBP, $9280 SGD, … Read more