The New Colors Of Chanel WOC And Mini Classic Flap Bag


Trust me, you can never get enough of the quilt – whether it’s the wallet on chain, or the mini classic flap bag, Chanel makes you loco over their new co-co’s. With new colors that are sure to make any drab outfit spectacular, Chanel pushes its design limits to bring a pop of sunshine yellow (or a dash of blue) into your life. With pretty hues such as Chevron, or a bashful Pink, these bags are so ready to keep you company.

The wallet on chain is one of the most versatile pieces you can ever own – and possibly, one of the most indispensable, since it gives you so much to work with. Wear it with the chain and make it your own. Girls’ night out in a few hours? No problem – keep it covert and hide the chains inside to wear it as a handheld clutch. It makes day-to-night outfit transitions much easier.

On the other hand, the mini classic flap bag is an older sister of the former – equally endearing and revolutionary, this pretty little show stopper is about to give any outfit some va-va-voom in the glam department. The said design is making waves again as it celebrates its 60th anniversary – timeless and elegant, the bag is becoming even more popular and celebrated than in the past decades.

This season, get your hands on a couple (or even more, for extra measure) and make a statement! Let these bold, bright colors lead the way.


Pictures courtesy of: chelseastyling


  1. NatRay July 21, 2015 Reply

    It seems that it is almost impossible to get hold of any mini square in Europe. Does anyone see any minisquare in lambskin in any boutiques?

    • Cynthia July 25, 2015 Reply

      Hi NatRay, which store have you been visiting?

  2. Paris bound July 13, 2015 Reply

    I live in the uk but am Paris bound at the end of July, would love to buy a woc (can’t afford anything bigger) – any advice? Probably black, probably caviar but i love the lambskin, and probably gold hardware. Thinking rue cambon?

  3. Uxille July 3, 2015 Reply

    I’ll check out the reissue and the square mini for sure. I’m going to Provence and Milan next week.

    • Author
      Alex July 4, 2015 Reply

      Hi Uxille, keep me informed

  4. Chanel July 3, 2015 Reply

    Omg…is that a rectangular mini ?
    The color is so nice, how much is it ?

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