Street Snaps: Celine Trapeze Bag in Black


A street snap of the Celine Trapeze Bag, it reveals every reason why it should be on the top priority of your wish list. Start your collection with the black in golden hardware, a classic look that can ‘never’ go wrong – the Celine Trapeze can be carried in almost every outfit in your wardrobe, from dresses to casual chic, or casual goth with a black multicolor shirt.

Just recently, Celine has released the Celine Mini Trapeze Bag, a size that’s perfect for tall or short fashionista’s. But still the small size is one of the most coveted – it’s has all the spacious you need and it’s not too big to carry around your arm.

If you are interested about the charm hanging on the Celine Trapeze Bag, I belief it’s the Fendi Mink Fur bag bugs charm, introduced in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection.

Pictures courtesy of: Vogue


  1. Sashi May 30, 2014 Reply

    How much is this?

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