Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit


An invention from Stephen Kenn and the team of Gin & Luck. A kit made from leather and canvas with elastic webbing kit that comes with 9 empty bottles. You don’t need to enter the bar to get a nice mixed cocktail anymore, drink whenever you want and wherever you want.

The Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit has everything you need to blend the best cocktail in the world, it’s a small handy travelling pouch that fits right in your backpack. It comes with a mixing spoon (besides the 9 empty bottles) and a book that teaches you how the kit works (how to pack the bottles) for different occasions.

Oh and it also comes with recipes from the best bartenders in the world that shows you how to make 15 different cocktails. Measuring 7’ x 7.5’ x 3’ inches, priced at $275 USD via Stephen Kenn.


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