Salvatore Ferragamo Angel Sandals

The dictionary might describe her as a naïve person because she always look for the good qualities in people character. She is what we call: ‘the angel girl’, sometimes people try to take advantage of her pure heart, because they know; she is always prepared to help. It makes her sad when people lie, but deep inside of her, she knows she did the right thing. At the end, it’s all about ‘what goes around comes around’ right? If you do good, life will reward you somewhere in the future.

If you are this kind of girl, do not let anyone change your heart. Your actions can touch and help thousands of people, even though most of the times you don’t see the results immediately.

Salvatore Ferragamo has released beautiful pair of angel sandals, with raw-cut wings attached on the top. It’s the ideal summer-wear to express the beauty that’s hidden inside your heart. A traditional design inspired by the original Ferragamo shoe that’s advertised in 1951. It comes in the colors white, black and gold and its priced €660 EUR at Salvatore Ferragamo e-store.


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