Saint Laurent Lipstick Earring and Necklace


Saint Laurent is teeming with good taste as they release another funky piece to love, with their Lipstick Earring and Necklace set. If you’re a fan of quirky, novelty pieces to wear, then you will definitely find these babies interesting! Saint Laurent is always shifting gears when it comes to giving us some unexpected designer items, and these Lipstick-inspired baubles are no exception. Yep, we’re all for it!

Both pieces are made of enameled brass, which is soft and tarnish-resistant. It shines beautifully, too! The lipstick tubes are encrusted with cute rhinestones, and mind you, they really do stand-out. Keep your friends asking, and let them all stare, because these tubes of lipstick will give you all the exposure you need.

If you remember the Monogram Lipstick Printed Leather Bag we featured last week, then you’ll know that these ornaments are a part of this cute concept. If you can sport the bag together with these accessories, then it completes the puzzle perfectly. Go all out!

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Priced at €335 EUR for the earrings, and $445 USD or €339 EUR for the necklace, you can get your very own pieces via LuisaViaroma.





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