Prada Is Going To Introduce Lower-Priced Handbags


Even tough my heart is still weak for the Saffiano Tote Bag, it’s very clear that Prada is struggling a little it financially. The end of the first quarter, the fashion brand had a loss of more than 40 percent in net income (that’s a lot).

In an attempt to remain it’s dominancy in the field of designer fashion, they’ve experimented and introduced series of new handbags, as you’ve seen it in the latest collections.

But that’s not enough, apparently and they might have no choice than to re-strategize their plan. And they’ve brought the news recently that a new category will be introduced of lower-priced handbags.

As you might know, the other designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes have so much success that they started to limit fans from purchasing their handbags – oh how we call it? Yes, purchase restrictions.

And Louis Vuitton has just joined the club, WELCOME!

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Hermes is even worst, they have a waiting list of a waiting list. And if you’ve are not quick enough, the waiting list can be closed.

But we haven’t really heard about Prada’s price increase, and with that we mean… insanely increasing their price – with like 30 percent or so.

If they choose this route instead of introducing lower-priced products, it’s a riskier strategy, but one that might be rewarding.

We will see in the future how it will turn out. So what are your thoughts?


  1. Mastura June 28, 2015 Reply

    Hi, when will they reduce the price? does it include in Dubai too?

    • Cynthia June 28, 2015 Reply

      I think they’re going to introduce new bags and not decreasing the prices of their current handbags. Because that will lower their margins and the images of their classic handbags.

  2. Anonymous June 26, 2015 Reply

    Is this only in the US?

    • Cynthia June 27, 2015 Reply

      Hi, no this will be in Europe too and other countries.

  3. Anonymous June 25, 2015 Reply

    Lower prices corrspond with their lower quality.

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