Dior Lady Bag: I’m Stunning


There are those who claim there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing—those are the people who would love the plethora of styles of the Dior Lady Bag. Everything about this bag can be summed up in three words: options, options, and options.

Sure, there’s the typical-yet-classic black, red, and neutrals. But how about hot pink? Metallic purple? Plaid? The iconic pattern of the stitching that is unique to Dior is versatile enough that you can get it in various styles and sizes to suit your changing moods and style needs.

If you want an everyday staple bag, go for black or red lambskin or patent leather. The gold logo and classic “Cannage” pattern is all the detail you’ll need—no other frills required.

However, if you’re feeling a little sassier, the good thing about the Lady Dior Bag is that there’s one for every mood. Are you feeling like a lady? Snag the one with the pearl draping—it’s like a necklace for your bag, and what better way to say “class” than to dress your bag in pearls? Feeling adventurous? Pick up the bag in hot pink and purple, or metallic purple with gold stitching. Want to take a walk on the wild side? Python leather should do the trick.

And as if there weren’t enough decisions to make with the variety of colors and leathers available, there’s also four different sizes. So whether you’re going to lunch or going away, you’ll be prepared.

If you’re indecisive, don’t worry. You really can’t go wrong with Dior’s trademark pattern and classic design. We’re sure that whatever one you choose, you’ll love it for seasons to come.







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  1. Sinead Yau April 28, 2016 Reply

    Hi there, just wanted to ask someone if the Lady Dior mini size in patent pink comes with a chain strap? I know the a while back only the regular strap was ever seen. But I noticed on some of the lambskin mini’s in pictures, people are wearing them with the chain strap. I really love the patent pink but also want the chain strap.

  2. Kat November 25, 2015 Reply

    I bought a preloved medium lady Dior bag fr a reputable seller & the hardware is more yellowish gold vs today’s edition in lighter yellow gold shade. May I know ard what year Dior changed the gold shade to lighter?

  3. Anjana May 9, 2015 Reply

    Hi Alex

    I recently bought a hot pink small/mini Lady Dior from a reputed reseller. It has gold hardware. Could you please tell me if this was seasonal because I have majorly seen the hot pink LD with silver hardware. I am hoping the one I picked up is genuine.


    • Alex May 12, 2015 Reply

      Hi Anjana, can you upload a picture. You can do this at the comments section

      • Anonymous May 19, 2015 Reply

        Hi Alex

        Please view the picture below.

        • Alex May 20, 2015 Reply

          Hi Anjana, they have golden hardware on small pink lady bags. They are a seasonal bags, I think I spot one in 2012. I have also seen them in silver hardware.

          • Anonymous May 20, 2015

            Hi Alex

            This is a mini Lady Dior. So it’s fine if it comes with GHW right? To confirm, you’re saying this was a seasonal combination?

          • Alex May 23, 2015

            Hi Anjana, I have seen the mini lady dior in fuchsia in golden hardware. The color and hardware are depending on the season. This was def. a seasonal piece.

          • Anjana May 25, 2015

            Thank you, Alex! =)

          • Alex May 30, 2015

            Np, can you let me know where you purchased it?

  4. Bi July 2, 2014 Reply

    Saw your thumbnail image with a Lady Dior in White…. It is absolutely stunning…Love on first Second
    Do you know whether Dior still make this bag in white ?

    • Alex July 5, 2014 Reply

      Hi Bi, I am so sorry for the delay of reply, but we just asked out SA. She said that every season there is a new interpretation of the iconic Lady Dior Tote and that the white Lady Dior Bag is available in medium size. I hope this help!

  5. Sharon May 18, 2014 Reply


    Would like to ask how much for the lady Dior in pale pink patent calfskin, size large in Euros?


  6. ehan May 14, 2014 Reply


    I wanted to the price around europe of the Lady Dior Black Lamb Skin in Euros.
    The Medium Size and the Large Size.

    And if possible can i know the prices of it in Vienna, Austria ?

    Thank you


    • Alex May 18, 2014 Reply

      Hi Ehan, the Lady Dior in medium size is priced at 2600 euro’s in Paris (as per may 2014), the large one is 2900 euro’s.

  7. Mastura April 3, 2014 Reply

    Hi there,

    Can someone post photo of lady Dior in turquiose, size large? I saw in boutique in kuala lumpur yesterday, but not sure if its avail in Paris. Can assist to let me know price in Paris?? Tqqqqq

    • Alex April 6, 2014 Reply

      Hi Mastura the price in Paris should be: €2.800 EUR, the turquiose is not from the new collection.

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