Louis Vuitton Zephyr: The Revolution

For decades Louis Vuitton is famous for its luggage bags. There were nothing much special about it other than the quality, the style and it’s gorilla size. But to move this luggage, you need to have some strength. It was not easy to transport.

As the years comes by, Louis Vuitton has introduced the trolley luggage bag. Their focus was not to built larger bags, but instead increasing the level of comfort. That’s how the Louis Vuitton trolley is made, it can easily move from the front to the back. Great for traveling, but it has a couple of limitations.

The new revolutionize luggage bag is Louis Vuitton’s latest Zephyr bag. It’s a four-wheeled luggage that can move 360 degrees very easily. The new LV Zephyr luggage is available in monogram and in two sizes: 55 cm and 70 cm. Watch the video and let us know what you think.






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  1. Sam June 17, 2013 Reply


    I was wondering where I can purchase a Louis Vuitton carry on luggage piece. I’ll be in Italy, Greece, France, and England from July 8th-21st. where is the best place to buy their luggage.

    • Alex June 18, 2013 Reply

      I recently traveled and saw the Zephyr and other luggage in Paris. I think you should try there, they have a lot of stock.

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