Louis Vuitton Postcard Espadrilles


They are the hottest things for this summer – if you’ve decided to hunt for a pair of Espadrilles, it’s only fair if you’ve taken your time to observe all the options available.

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And what we haven’t covered so far (read?), are the Louis Vuitton Postcard Espadrilles. They are inspired by the breezy spirit of the summer.

Update your outfit with these classic Espadrilles in denim printed with Louis Vuitton Logo on the toe.

The most unusual print (and obvious, if you want to wear something more…attention-grabbing) is the Espadrilles in multicolor red. Basically it’s mixed with blue, white, black and majority in red, the print makes the shoe appears to be braided, matching to the sole.

But the safest road (away from faux-pas) is to choose white and blue. These shoes are crafted with braided rope-covered sole.

Louis Vuitton Postcard Espadrilles are all priced at 420 euro or $610 USD via Louis Vuitton boutique or e-store.







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