Lady Dior Tote Bag From Spring Summer 2015 Collection


A time-tested handbag made from the best of the best. The Lady Dior Bag is where you must turned to in time of depression, sadness and broken heart, so skip the ice cream, chocolates and all the other sweetness.

Embellished with ‘Cannage Stitching’, the brand’s most iconic print. And there is no woman that dares to ignore the eternal beauty of this bag. It’s cute, bold and charming – it’s the bag that got it all.

Even the name is an icon – the Lady Dior, named after Princess Diana. It was created in 1994 in Dior workshop and it even got a code name – Chouchou, which means favorite.

The Lady Dior Tote Bag was born to become an icon, as soon as it hit the boutiques, it was instantly successful. It claimed its iconic status in a very short time.

When you purchase the Lady Dior Bag, it’s an one-time investment forever, always. The value will only go up (if you don’t abuse the bag of course) and it can be passed on from grandma to granddaughter.

See all the colors from the Spring Summer 2015 Collection here…








Pictures courtesy of: parisluxeonline, luxnelle


  1. Kim November 18, 2015 Reply

    Hello,last year I bought one Miss dior (lamb skin) and one lady dior(patent). I never use any of them before at all. I store them with a dust bag (each) and keep them inside the dior box. Will the leather skin crack ,damage or anything ?
    Can you please kindly advise me about it.Thank you

    • Ly November 22, 2015 Reply

      Hi Kim, if you don’t use your bag and store them in a dustbag and inside the box, the bag will not get damaged, because you’re not using it. Dior bags are made from the highest quality, you will not spot sudden cracks. One tip is to avoid your bags from the sun.

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