Karl Lagerfeld Neon Patent Leather Pouch: Shameless Plug


This could possibly be a shameless plug about purchasing designer items for little money but could you really resist an item from Chanel’s creative director if you could afford it? Karl Lagerfeld has brought out this delightful little colored pouch for all to enjoy and too right everybody should be able to enjoy designer wares in some form and fashion.

Made from patent leather it is durable as well a glamorous. If you are used to your designer items then this could just be an addition that you can keep your keys and money in and pop it in your tote bag for ease of access. Alternatively you could use the wrist strap and take it on a night out on the town. Small bags like this are ideal as you cannot physically take loads of junk out with you or more importantly you can’t come back with lots of rubbish you collect on a night out.

Being bright in color with black piping this will go with literally anything. You can brighten up a darker or smarter outfit, mix it in with other bright and summery colors and go all out girlie and pink if that is your style. With its zip fastening it is a secure bag, you do not have to worry about it pinging open just because you got a card or some cash caught in the clasp. You could even take you essentials down to the beach or swimming pool with this candy colored delight; you will look like you are from the height of fashion and full of color. At Net-A-Porter for $105.




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