Hermes Steals Our Heart With Cute Kawai Bag Collection


Sometimes there are things in life that are so-attractive…that it makes you feel like you would die-for-it. Like the upcoming Hermes Classic Kawai Bag Collection, you wanna know what’s included?


Unfortunately the bears on the images are not included, but let’s start with the ‘Hermes Constance Long Wallet’. I love the color soft pink, then its refined with a matching red ‘H’ logo on the front. It’s a must-have! The Hermes Constance Wallet is priced at €3100 euro or £2840 GBP.

Oh what’s this?


The Hermes Kelly Long Wallet in Ghillies – a unique style with artful embellishment on the front. Refined in soft pink and silver hardware, featuring the iconic Kelly Lock. Priced at 2150 euro or around $4000 SGD.

We’re not finished…


The Hermes Constance Shoulder Bag, made from suede (we think) – the beautiful baby blue color is can’t-live-without and refined with silver hardware. Oh my, I think I am about to die! The leather is butterfly-soft and it features a long shoulder strap. The estimated price is €6200 – €6500 euro.

The bucket bags have never been so good, a new sunshine color – turquoise. Take it to the beach, it comes with a lock on the front and bottom studs. Estimated price $2500 USD for the PM size.




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    Where to buy?

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