Discontinued Bag #4: Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Saumur Messenger Bag


Maybe sometimes Louis Vuitton just discontinue their rare bags just in purpose. Their marketing message might be showing: ‘’Buy them today or you will regret tomorrow, I MEAN IT!’’. I am pretty sure that some of you do have regret about the bags you didn’t bought, let’s be honest.

The bag you are looking at is called the Louis Vuitton messenger bag in canvas Saumur and nr. 35. The bag is already discontinued for a while and was originally priced $1,230. Nowadays this bag is rare and hard to find. This piece is an excellent craft for collectors.

The LV messenger is a perfect fit for everyday use, especially for work because of the roomy space inside. Anyone who loves to travel might be thinking to carry this bag too. The bag features with golden brash hardware and adjustable shoulder straps. Made with Vachetta leather trim (just to give you an indication, it’s a very durable leather) and ‘produced in France’.

Last time I saw this item was at the site of Portero, pre-owned and retailing for $631 with very good condition. This give you an indication with price you might want to pay.

Pictures courtesy of: Portero


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