Diorama Croisiere Wallet On Chain


Christian Dior entered your dream, he knows you’re obsessed with Dior handbags. You blush and he likes your character. He gives you an unlimited Dior card, from now the Dior boutiques are not stores anymore, but they’re your instant wardrobe, a free-supermarket. You can take whatever items you want.

And then you woke up, it’s just a dream.


How would your life be, when you’ve unlimited access to all designer bags in the world. I mean, there are so many pretty bags and you can only have so many of them.

For example, the Diorama Bag Collection. It’s a beautiful bag and we think it’s competing against the Boyish handbags that are so-hot lately. You know, it’s boxy, chic and a bit masculine.

The Diorama Bag Collection has, once again, expanded. Besides the ‘Baby’ and the ‘Mini’ bags, there are also wallets available at your fingertips (the only barrier is the travel from your house to the store).

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It’s even smaller than the baby Diorama Bag, but hey it’s a wallet right? And it has a new name, it’s called the Diorama Croisiere Wallet (just want to let you know, Croisiere means Cruise in French).



Ah, so it’s Diorama Cruise Wallet, how nice.

It features a long chain with 120 cm, enough to carry on your shoulder. The chain can me removed anytime you want and it will adjust itself to a humble clutch bag.

Because it’s called a wallet, actually it’s a Wallet on Chain, but anyways, it can only carry your most important essentials like credit card or cash. It’s measured 21 x 11 cm.

Oh and did you know our friend Winni bought one too, you can check her images here:

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It’s crafted with oversized graphic ‘Cannage Topstitching’, the gorgeous future-iconic crest-shaped clasp and it’s made in several different colors.

The Diorama Bag Collection is mixed with fashion and art, it’s priced at 700 GBP or 800 euro for lambskin and €690 euro or £570 GBP for the Grained Calfskin.




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