Dior Open Bar Tote Bag


For this summer, Dior announced two new handbags; Dior D-Light Tote Bag and Dior Open Bar Tote Bag.

However, the Dior Open Bar Tote Bag is not really new, it’s an upgrade version of the Dior Bar Bag. And as you roll over to Dior’s official website, the Dior Bar Bag has been removed from the navigation menu.

So what has been changed?

Here’s a view of the Dior Bar Bag;



The biggest adjustment is the shape –excessive elements like the button on the sides (to expand the bag) has been removed. It’s now more minimalistic, simpler and boxy. The bag also looks taller instead of wider.

The open bar bag is actually inspired by the ‘figure 8’ silhouette of the legendary Dior Bar jacket. It’s re-designed to match with today’s modern fashion and to be more useable as an everyday bag matching to an elegant outfit. It’s perfect for work – carry it to your office and sling it to your meetings.

What has been considered for the re-design is the heaviness of the Dior open Bar Bag. It’s made lighter than its previous version and suppler. Embellished with tons of practical functionalities inside, like large pocket with fastening or two flat pockets.

Some elements have been mirrored from the Bar Bag like the leather luggage tag with the DIOR charm inside, or like the handles stitched to the leather bag (while the Diorrismo handles are connected with eyelets).

Small Dior Open Bar Bag
Size: 26 x 22 x 16 cm
Price: €2000 euro, £1,750

Dior Open Bar Bag
Size: 32 x 27 x 19 cm
Price: €2300 euro, £1950 GBP

Oh and one more thing…

You will love this. The interior of the Dior Open Bar Tote Bag is featured with a lock. This lock is not only for decoration purpose, but also to expand your bag by expanding the wings to the sides.






  1. Jesse August 6, 2015 Reply

    Cyndi, You do realize you’re comparing a double layered leather Dior bag to a crappy canvas bag… Of course 2 layers of leather is heavier than 1 layer of cotton… This article is mostly incorrect. This is not an “upgraded” bar bag. The Bar Bag was $7,000-$50,000 and was a full on bag/purse. Better hardware, better leather, and far heavier construction. It is a structured bag. This is a $3,000 tote bag. There’s no comparison. The leather is cheaper, the hardware is cheaper, the stitching is cheaper etc. Not that it’s worse, it’s different, and it’s constructed for a different price point. Both bags (the original Bar more so) are styled after Christian Dior’s Bar Jacket. Personally, I think the original Bar is more successful and more elegant.

    • Cyndi August 7, 2015 Reply

      Right. Though I wouldn’t say LV Epi leather (bucket bag) is a crappy canvas bag. 🙂 Anyhow, Open Bar, the weight does not stop me from carrying the bag. So it’s not a complain, just an opinion, maybe for buyers who, like me buy it without realising it might get too heavy (for a daily bag) with the basic essentials inside.

  2. Cyndi May 31, 2015 Reply

    Bought the Open Bar bag from London last week, and did not realise the weight of the bag. Compared with my other bags, this one is really heavy, and with the every day basic necessities inside, it becomes too heavy. Sigh. I love it, but the weight is a bit of a downside. But that does not stop me from carrying it almost every day. 🙂

    • Author
      Alex May 31, 2015 Reply

      Hi Cyndi, which size do you have? And omg, the Open Bar is supposed to be light and not heavy!

      • Anonymous June 24, 2015 Reply

        Hi Alex, I have the big size. Comparing to my LV bucket bag (medium), or Prada Saffiano tote, Open Bar is almost 3 times the weight I would say. 🙂 But I still love it! x

        • Author
          Alex June 25, 2015 Reply

          Wow, its still a lovely bag! thanks for the update =)

          • Cyndi August 7, 2015

            Yes. Love it, no matter what. 😀

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