Dior Dioriva Tote Bag


We are a bit late on this part, the news came in previous month June that a new bag has arrived, called the Dior Dioriva Tote Bag.

Though, we do not have much information about this bag, we’d like to share it as much as possible.

The Dioriva Tote Bag is gorgeous, and we think it’s an extension of Dior’s Project to minimize the weight of a bag but without losing the style. The Dior D Light Bag, released a few months ago had this purpose.

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The perforated Cannage Pattern creates a timeless style, this bag is perfect as a shopping bag or for travelling, and it’s definitely worth it to carry throughout the summer. Wear it with sandals and short pants, and carry the Dioriva Bag to impress.

Like in all Dior Bags, this one also features the DIOR charm, but in a different way. Crafted from calfskin, the bag can carry a lot of essentials including your summer jacket. The leather is durable and strong, so you don’t need to worry to baby it.

However, it’s not advisable to overload the bag as it comes with thin handles. For those that are interested, the Dior Dioriva Tote Bag has not been announced on Dior’s official website, because its not available in every boutique. Perhaps Dior wants to test the reaction of their customers.

The colors available are white, blue, powder pink, hot pink, violet, blue and black. Priced at $1650 USD.

One location we know its available is at Dior boutique 57th St New York.

Pictures courtesy of: shopaholic_q8


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