Cheapest Place To Buy Chanel Bags


A little research shows where you can find the cheapest place to buy your Chanel dream bag. A couple percentage discount is already a few of hundred bucks less and you can use the extra money to buy something else, don’t you agree?

Until today, Chanel has increased their prices every year, but when comparing EU, Asia and US, the cheapest place is still Europe. If you are a NON-EU citizen, you can enjoy a whopping 12% tax advantage. And if not, you can still fly over to Heathrow airport and buy in the tax-free area.

Even if we don’t include the EU tax advantage, it still cheaper to buy in Europe, thanks to currency exchange. The price of a Chanel reissue 226 cost €3,450, while you are paying $4,900 in the US (prices from 2012).

Maybe the price differences has to do with the shipping cost, Chanel bags are made in France, Spain and Italy, but to get into the US or Hong Kong, they need be transported. On the other hand, the extreme high-demand on luxury products in Asia are pulling the prices up, people in Hong Kong are willing to stand in line just to get INTO the Chanel boutique. How amazing is that?

Now that might explain the ridiculous prices in Hong Kong. But for me, I love shopping Chanel in France, especially in Paris. It’s like picking your fruit fresh from the tree. And they have 12 boutiques available, with nice and professionally trained SA’s to assist me. I love Chanel and I love Paris!

UPDATE: You can find the latest information about buying Chanel bags cheaper here.


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  1. Tiger June 2, 2016 Reply


    I live in the UK but I’m not an EU citizen, how do I get the 12% off?

    • Cynthia, June 3, 2016 Reply

      Hi Tiger, that depends. What are you doing in UK? Are you studying or working? If so, then that means that you can get tax-refund when you leave the country. Everything you buy in your last three months can be tax-refunded.

  2. Alana April 10, 2016 Reply

    Hi guys. Wonder if I purchase a chanel Gst in US or Dubai would be cheaper? And how much different? Thanks

    • Cynthia April 15, 2016 Reply

      Hi Alana, though Dubai promotes zero tax on goods, the products are expensive. I would just get it in the US. The Chanel GST is discontinued for now.

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