Cheapest Place To Buy Chanel Bags

November 6, 2012  |  CHANEL, HOW TO

A little research shows where you can find the cheapest place to buy your Chanel dream bag. A couple percentage discount is already a few of hundred bucks less and you can use the extra money to buy something else, don’t you agree?

Until today, Chanel has increased their prices every year, but when comparing EU, Asia and US, the cheapest place is still Europe. If you are a NON-EU citizen, you can enjoy a whopping 12% tax advantage. And if not, you can still fly over to Heathrow airport and buy in the tax-free area.

Even if we don’t include the EU tax advantage, it still cheaper to buy in Europe, thanks to currency exchange. The price of a Chanel reissue 226 cost €3,450, while you are paying $4,900 in the US (prices from 2012).

Maybe the price differences has to do with the shipping cost, Chanel bags are made in France, Spain and Italy, but to get into the US or Hong Kong, they need be transported. On the other hand, the extreme high-demand on luxury products in Asia are pulling the prices up, people in Hong Kong are willing to stand in line just to get INTO the Chanel boutique. How amazing is that?

Now that might explain the ridiculous prices in Hong Kong. But for me, I love shopping Chanel in France, especially in Paris. It’s like picking your fruit fresh from the tree. And they have 12 boutiques available, with nice and professionally trained SA’s to assist me. I love Chanel and I love Paris!

UPDATE: You can find the latest information about buying Chanel bags cheaper here.


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  1. Hi! I live in Canada, but will be travelling to Paris and London in about a month. I’m dreaming of buying a Chanel mini (rectangular) flap in black with silver hardware and am wondering if it is better to purchase it in Paris or London and how I can find out which stores have it in stock. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • The stock depends on the demand, it can be sold-out, nobody knows. But I’d recommend to purchase whenever you spot your favorite bag, do not hestitate.

  2. Hi Guys!

    I’m completely new to this site but I might be able to help someone out, and they in turn may help me!

    I am a drama student living in Chiswick, London, and desperately trying to sell my Chanel bag! Need to sell it to help pay for my fees!

    It is a classic Chanel black flap bag, and measures 7.9 X 11.8 X 3.9 and is Lamb skin!

    It has all of the engravings etc, and I am more than happy to post pictures to people, or if you live in London and would like to see it before you buy it, I don’t mind meeting up with people!

    Would love to sell it for around £1300 ONO
    Let me know if anyone is interested!

  3. hi there, do you know if there is Chanel boutique in amsterdam, need to get my hands on some chanel baggs when Im there! ha

    • Hi April, yes there is. The Chanel boutique in Amsterdam is located at the Pc Hooftstraat. You can get there from the central station, take the tram 2 or 5 (about 12 minutes travel), and get off in stop ‘Rijksmuseum’. Walk distance only 2 minutes

  4. Hi I want to buy a chanel maxi caviar
    Double flap would you know where I would get it the cheapest and how much would it be
    In dollars
    Please let me know thanks

  5. Hi everyone!! I’m Lauren from England and I am desperate to make my first chanel handbag purchase!!! I’ve always dreamt of owning one and I’ve decided to take the plunge and start saving! I’ve started doing research and I absolutely love your website! I feel like I have been able to learn so much from you all, so thankyou! :) I think I would go with the medium classic flap, black caviar with gold hardware. Does anyone know how much this would cost me in England? my local Chanel retailer would be a Selfridges a couple of hours from where I live.I am traveling to both Paris and Rome in the next 6 months would I be better buying my bag in one of these countries instead? :)

    • Hi Lauren, we have all Chanel bag prices here:

      The price is: £2,670. You can also check the other euro prices on the link above. It’s best to buy other non-iconic bags at Heathrow airport. P.S. I would put your purchase on hold because Chanel is releasing their f/w collection next month. But for your first purchase, I would recommend the medium classic flap. Keep us informed!

  6. I live in UK and would like a Chanel bag. Obviously I could not get advantage of the tax return. Where is the best place for me to get it at lower price? Feedbacks welcome. Thanks

    • Do you have any idea which bag you are looking for. You can get the cheapest at the heathrow airport at tax-free area. But then you need to travel to get in there.

      • I don’t have a particular style that I want in mind. Other than Heathrow airport, which other countries/airports are cheap to get my hand on one? Thanks

        • Hi Peachy Pie, Heathrow is EU citizen’s only Chanel place to be for handbags. I don’t know any place that offers Chanel cheap. But you can try flash sites like ideeli or ruelala, there are times that they list Chanel bags, but then again you probably won’t like the styles.

  7. OMG, i will buy my chanel next week in paris, im so excited !!

  8. The cheapest place to buy Chanel bag is at Bloomingdales why? If u know a friends or whatever who work at Bloomingdales ,they have employee discount 36 % off I think only once a year around at Dec .not whole year have 36% tho

    • OMG! I didn’t know that. I know that some employee at Chanel also get discount on their bags. But I heard that the bags have their names marked on it, to make sure that they are not using their discount to sell the bag in the market and make a profit. I am not sure how much discount they get, but 36% from Bloomsdale is a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    • are you sure it’s on the classic flap bags as well? my friend who works at bloomies said they could only get it on chanel but not the classics

    • Chanel is EXCLUDED

  9. The cheapest place to buy Chanel is not buying in States. I have success with tax-refund buying Chanel on airport and in Paris.

  10. cheapest place depend on the currency, you can save a hundred of dollars when you buy at the right time, when the euro’s are lowest.

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