Charlotte Olympia Gold Worth Its Weight Metal Clutch


It’s imagination time with Charlotte Olympia.

The name of this adorable evening bag? Meet Charlotte Olympia Gold Worth Its Weight Metal Clutch.

Okay, perhaps too long, forget about its name. Your eyes will read its story and allow us to guide you a bit.

If you’re looking for the perfect conversation starter, or if you want to show your fun and playful personality, this bag is the one.

Imagine you walking into a party, holding this golden clutch. There is some attraction about gold, somehow people point their eyes on it very quickly.

This accessory will make everyone in the room curious – what is she holding? Some will even walk pass you on purpose, just to check what it is.

The front is designed with Charlotte Olympia signature with a spider-web pint. The letters read 1000g, fine gold, 999,9. And there is even a serial number marked on the bottom.

The clasp on the side (to open the clutch) is made in heart-shape. Measuring 7’ x 3’ x 1.5’ (L x H x W), priced at $2250 USD via SSENSE.




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