Chanel WOC (Wallet On Chain) Prices 2013

February 10, 2013  |  CHANEL, PRICES


In our last post we talked about the prices of Chanel flap bags and how the new prices will look like in 2013. Although they are just a couple of rumors, we still need to brace ourselves from this ambush. Even when until now we have heard nothing about the new prices, we should be very well aware that Chanel will never miss a year of ‘price increase’. Well have to admit, I said that well…

So when the judgment day comes, we don’t only see the consequences in prices in the classic flap. We are going to feel the price increase in the Chanel Wallet On Chain too. Yes, the cute little Chanel WOC bags that we all love.

The price increase is just a matter of time, we might as well get prepared for it. I can’t read Chanel’s mind, so I am not sure what they will do. But from the leaked information we have heard in combination with what Chanel did, the most probability of increase will be 20%.

How will the new prices of Chanel WOC looks like if they all increase by 20%.


We will post here the latest Chanel WOC prices when the judgment day comes. Don’t forget to like this page to get informed. So far the prices remain the same.


  1. Hi,
    Does any one have an idea about the price for the attached wallet picture. Thanks!

  2. I cannot travel so I got my velvet WOC for 1600 EUR through a personal shopper from Poland. The prices included bag, finding fee and postage.

  3. Anyone knowes how much a classic WOC would cost in Bangkoks airport? Is it cheaper to buy it in Europe then in Aisa?

  4. Does anyone know the price of a classic WOC in Bangkok airport? Or is it cheaper to buy it in Europe?

  5. What’s the price of quilted caviar woc as of today? Thanks

  6. I’m starting to like this WOC. It’s actually perfect for a night-out or weddings..
    I don’t have one though, thinking of getting it some time soon. Just dunno which color I should get for my 1st, not black for sure :-)

    • Depends on which Chanel WOC, the Camella looks great on pink or purple. Dark blue in patent is to-die-for. Do you have anything on your mind?

  7. thank goodness the price hasn’t increase yet!
    i’m crossing my fingers that the black halfmoon will be back in stock before price increase. XD

  8. hi, does anyone know the price of gst and petite timless tote at Heathrow?

  9. I just bought myself the jumbo classic flap and timeless envelope woc for my birthday last month.
    The WOC was $1460 CAD

    • Hi wonderwoman, thanks for sharing this. You bought yourself TWO bags? Wow that’s a real treat!!!

      I love the WOC envelop, which color did you bought?

  10. Have the prices increased?! I’m hoping to buy one this May!

  11. How much will this WOC A65877y073 sac rabat agneau cost?

  12. any idea how much is singapore selling for classic wallet on chain?

  13. Just got Python WOC last night. $4300 before tax.

  14. I love my new chanel wallet…..

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