Chanel Plexiglas Globe Clutch F/W 2013: Chanel Conquered the World


The message is clear, Chanel has conquered the world. First a giant rotating globe sitting in the center of the Grand Palais des Champs-Elyésees, surrounded by exciting crowd. And now Chanel has created a small Chanel globe clutch and we all know where Karl Lagerfeld got his inspiration from. For your information, this clutch is called Chanel Plexiglass Globe Clutch, it’s made from the same material as the new rising star, the Chanel Minaudiere bag (also known as the Lego clutch).

It’s creative and mind-blowing, but it will not ease your pain when you know that it will cost you at least €5,000 to take it home. But it’s one of a kind, a great collective item and attention-grabbing. While it’s safe to consider the classic black, I do love the white in gold hardware much more. The cute mix color between white and gold adds an elegant and high fashion touch to your style. It’s stands out in your winter-dark or bright colored outfit, while the Globe clutch in black prefer to play in the background.

Chanel Fall and Winter 2013 is full of surprises, the Chanel Plexiglas globe is just the entrée. There are amazing classic bags and boy bags that Karl has designed and you’ve never seen before. We would love to share with you in the upcoming week. Keep following us.




This is how the Chanel Plexiflas Globe clutch opens







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  1. Anonymous January 20, 2015 Reply

    Hi! Do you know if it can fit the iPhone 5 or 6?

    • CC January 20, 2015 Reply

      Honestly, I do not know, but looking at the picture, I guess not.

  2. Joelaw June 26, 2014 Reply

    Dear Sassy, would you pls tell me the size of the this Globe Clutch?

    • Sassy June 28, 2014 Reply

      Hi JoeLaw, Sorry for the late reply. The size for the Chanel Globe Clutch is 5.5 x 5.3 x 5.

  3. Anonymous August 9, 2013 Reply

    Dear sassy and Chanel lovers, I dont know of sassy remember me this is thé moroccan diplomate, I just had the best experience ever while buying my first Chanel GST IN rue cambon IN paris 😉 Very happy and excited I traveled this week-end to paris just to buy my first Chanel bag

    • Sassy August 10, 2013 Reply

      Of course I remember you, you are half moroccan and half lebaneese!!! I am so glad you have bought your first Chanel bags. Which color did you picked? Is it black, gold hardware? Lambskin?

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