Chanel Fall Winter 2015 Runway Bag Collection


I know, I know.

Chanel just released the Spring Summer 2015 Collection act 1 and now they’re already presenting the Fall Winter 2015 Bags on the runway.

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Don’t get overwhelmed by the choices.

Uhm, perhaps we should. Because again, we’re facing gorgeous handbags that we love and want.

My favorite?


The newest Chanel Reissue 2.55 Classic Flap Bag decorated with spoon and knife. The 2.55 bag needs no introduction. By now, you should already recognize the mademoiselle lock.

But why spoon and knife decoration?

The Chanel Fall Winter 2015 Runway Collection is inspired by the Parisian Brasserie, even the Grand Palais has been transformed into the theme. Accessories are therefore, inspired by restaurant equipment like spoons and knife and so on.


Another bag that I like so much is a black sophisticated tote bag, refined with silver woven chain handles. And because it’s a seasonal piece, once you’ve bought it, it will always be yours and available anymore in the market.

So what are you thoughts on this collection?











Pictures courtesy of: Style


  1. Sansh October 13, 2015 Reply

    Cynthia – yes it’s only the charm hanging.

  2. Shnsh October 11, 2015 Reply

    Hi! I was thinking of getting the City shopper but then I don’t like the fact the cc logo is hanging. Thoughts?

    • Cynthia October 13, 2015 Reply

      HI Shnsh, is there no CC in the center too? So its only the CC logo hanging?

    • Cynthia October 18, 2015 Reply

      Hi Sansh, I really love the CC on every Chanel bag. When the CC accidentally falls off and it’s gone, that’s going to be disappointing. I like the CC on the bag.

  3. trish August 3, 2015 Reply

    If anyone could help me to identify the leather that.would be great..thanks.

  4. trish August 3, 2015 Reply

    City rock

  5. trish August 2, 2015 Reply

    Yes i will share the pics later on when i get home..i bought it 2800€ for medium size..i also bought 2 boys medium of them is in purplish colour..i hope you can help me to identify whether its a summer or pre fall 2015 collection..i’d love to know what kind of leather it is as well if possible..LOL.
    Im so in love with those bags..i almost buy the medium boy in phyton leather the price is 5700€..a bit pricey..what do you 2000€ differences is worted for investment in medium boy bag?..

    • Author
      Alex August 3, 2015 Reply

      Hi Trish, thanks for sharing the picture, we featured on here: The bags are really pricey, but the python leather is different experience than the regular leathers like calfskin. And the boys are certainly worth your investment, the prices are only going up! Thanks for sharing the images

    • AV August 17, 2015 Reply

      Hi Trish,

      would you be willing to sell your City Rock bag?

      Thanks and regards,


    • Angeline May 24, 2016 Reply

      Do you still have the Chanel city rock bag in metallic silver?

  6. trish July 31, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for your information and the pics of the city rock. I just bought one in paris 2 wks ago, i was in a rushed. I didn’t ask the SA about the name of the bag. I’ve been looking everywhere for tne information and so glad that i can only find it here. It is a beautiful bag indeed.

    • Author
      Alex August 1, 2015 Reply

      Hi Trish, which color did you buy? And at what price? Do you midn sharing a pic?

  7. Betsy July 12, 2015 Reply

    It’s from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection called CC Carey and is currently available (as of 7/5/2015-I almost bought it, but got a City Rock bag from Act 1 pre-fall 2015 instead) at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC for $3500-$3700 (medium/large size). It’s a beautiful lambskin, and is somewhat durable, but can become damaged more easily than the regular caviar or calf skin or goat skin bags. It is leather inside, and has a beautiful silver chain and CC. Hope this helps, and It’s a very beautiful bag, but not for every day.

    • Nadia July 14, 2015 Reply

      Hi Betsy, why did you got the City Rock instead? Was the different with CC Carey Bag?

      • Betsy July 24, 2015 Reply

        I decided on the City Rocks bag because it will be more durable for everyday. The City Rocks bag is a little bigger than the medium sized CC Carey but comparable in size to the large CC Carey. The City Rocks is goat skin instead of lambskin which is the leather of the CC Carey bag. The finish on the leather of City Rocks is more durable and can handle wear and tear and sustain scratches better than the CC Carey. The City Rocks and the large CC Carey are same in price, and the medium CC Carey is $200 less. The City Rocks bag is also part of the pre-fall 2015 collection, and the bag has never been done before and at this time is not going to be reproduced. Therefore, I think between the durability and it being a brand new style, I went with the pre-fall collection. However, the CC Carey is very ladylike and beautiful and I still have my eye on it. I included a pic of the City Rocks bag.

        • Nadia July 25, 2015 Reply

          Betsy, is stunning. Congrats. I love the new CC logo.

          • Anonymous July 28, 2015

            Thank you, Nadia! I hope you find a bag that’s perfect for you too!

          • Betsy July 28, 2015

            Thank you, Nadia! I hope you find a bag that’s perfect for you too!

        • Author
          Alex July 25, 2015 Reply

          Hi Betsy, do you mind if we feature this bag on our site and your story?

          • Betsy July 28, 2015

            Alex-that would be great and flattering! Thank you!

          • Author
            Alex July 29, 2015

            thank you, it’s on our to do list

  8. Hope March 21, 2015 Reply

    Can anyone tell me what is this chanel bag model named? From which collection year?

    • Author
      Alex August 2, 2015 Reply

      This is the Chanel CC Carey Bag, from the collection before the SS2015 I think. We will do a review about this bag.

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