Chanel Boy Quilted Curvy Shoulder Bag


At BRAGMYBAG we want to share as much information as possible about designer bags, though sometimes we do not know its name and the price.

But at least you can show our images to the SA, so she can give you more information.

The brand-new Chanel Boy Quilted Curvy Shoulder Bag. We know it’s the Boy because of the CC Clasp on the front, and the large masculine chain that we adore so much.

The design is not like the regular Chanel bag, it gorgeous and hard to explain with words. It’s quilted and refined with curvy edges, available in black and golden hardware.

There are two sizes; small and medium. The small bag has a bigger CC signature plate on the front than the medium size. It’s like Mini Squared Classic Flap Bag.

We have no idea about the prices, sizes and the name yet, we will publish more as soon as we get more information.


Pictures courtesy of: luksusowezakupy


  1. JobiHsu December 10, 2015 Reply

    So this one got to be a boy too?
    It has the same clasp.
    My best friend pick this one for me in Europe, and I couldn’t find any information about the season it was made or the series it’s from.

    • Cynthia December 11, 2015 Reply

      Wow, may i know the price. This bag is gorgeous!!!!!

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