Celine Trapeze Bag Spring Summer 2014


Each Collection, Celine is nice enough to publish ‘three’ of their newest and most precious Trapeze Bags (something that I am always looking forward to). And from there the thread stops, three is not everything, in fact, it’s just a small piece of pie compared to what they’ve in store.

There are two ways to discover them all. The most direct way is to visit one of their physical stores and ask the SA to throw all their Trapeze on the table. Or you can glance on the pictures circling around the internet and hoping they are from the right collection.

To give you some great ideas, we have search and found a couple of colors that you can also find in Celine stores. But before you move on, please also check our latest post: The Celine Fall 2014 Collection. I belief you will fall deeply love with the brand-new tri-color Trapeze Bag in pink like I did.

Single colors are more classic and easier to play match-and-match with the clothes in your wardrobe. From experience and watching countless celebrity images, the trapeze bag is best worn with casual chic, some people even pair them with sneakers and jeans. Maybe, just maybe it’s this reason why the Trapeze is hot, it goes ‘literally’ with almost everything.

And for those who are not yet informed, Celine has launched the mini trapeze bag this year. Check for more information at: Celine Mini Trapeze Bag in Details.

And for the latest prices you can go to: Celine Bag Prices.







Pictures courtesy of: lyla_and_eve & kati_lue & namelesslulu
nadya_bagz & miami_boutique & fashioncognoscente

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  1. Linn September 1, 2014 Reply

    Hi Alex and thanks for the info! What leather is the indigo mini trapeze made from ? It’s suede on the sides but is the flap made from drummed or pebbled leather? Cheers!

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