Celine Tie Tote Bag And Edge Tote Bag: Editor’s Cheat

July 30, 2013  |  CELINE, TOTES

To keep us satisfied from our hunger, Celine decided to roll out a winter version of the Phantom tote bag. The new Celine tie tote bag includes a front flap (probably protection against snow and rain) and a bigger side wings on the edge. The name is selected because of the ‘tie’ on the top handle. Make your choice between calfskin or an exotic version python and the colors brown, black or black/blue.



Celine Tie Tote Bag in Natural Calfskin and Tan (Brown)



Celine Tie Tote Bag in Smooth Calfskin and Navy/Brown



Celine Tite Tote Bag in Python and Black


More, double cheat your boyfriend with the Celine edge tote bag. A chic and comfortable tote to carry around your arms. Embellished with a front zipper, located just below the Celine logo signature, which creates the exceptionally design of this bag. A long strap is attached on the zipper enhancing the heiress appeal. It’s available in brown, blood red and new trendy winter color ‘grey’.



Celine Edge Tote Bag in Grained Calfskin and Red Blood



Celine Edge Tote Bag in Pony Calfskin and Grey

Did you see anything you like? Are you ready to cheat yet?


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  1. I want the brown with blue inside how is the purchase?

  2. how much for the tie bag and edge bag selling in Europe?

  3. Obsessed with these bags! The best.

  4. Well, the Celine tie is just an updated version of the phantom bag! Do you like the phantom bag with a flap cover?

  5. For how much is the Celine Tie Tote Bag in Python and Black?

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