Celine Pocket Medium Clutch Bag


Here’s the story about the Celine Pocket Clutch Bag, it looks very similar to the Chanel Pocket Handbag in Seashell – squared, embellished with front flap, and it also come with the exact same chain.

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Now I am not saying that the Celine Pocket Clutch Bag is not stunning, the fact is I love it. The design is quite like the trio pouch, only that the fashion brand has added the Pocket handbag in the center as an extra compartment.

Though it’s named a clutch bag, it does come with a chain and a leather strap for comfort carry. The mixture of colors is quite interesting – blue, white and black; beige, snake and black.

They are made from calfskin, with lambskin lining. The brown version is partly made from tiger snake, it’s a more luxurious version. Measuring 10’ x 7’ x 3’ inches, the normal version is priced at 1100 euro, the snake version (nude) is priced at 1250 euro, available via Celine boutique.



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