Celine Fall Winter 2015 Runway Bag Collection


I have seen a lot of Celine handbags in the past few years.

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Their design are unique and minimalistic, well perhaps only for eighty percent. But they are usually minimal, that’s a fact.



What I have never expected from Celine; are these shoulders bag with one pocket. They look cool, but…[fill in the blank]

For as far as I know, they come in two different colors; blue, white and red. But let’s hear your opinion? What do you think?


What attracted my attention, which was also not really minimalistic, was this brand-new tote bag with zebra print. I love the combination of colors and design, to be honest. It feels fresh and quality, yet the leather handles feels Celine. The size is large enough to be called: a ‘shopping bag’ and its gorgeous.

It’s slouchy and flexible. This bag is also available in brown and red leather strap. You can easily carry it on your shoulder and it got enough space to carry everything you need. I love it.








Pictures courtesy of: Style


  1. Lush April 5, 2015 Reply

    Thank you Alex!!

  2. Lush April 4, 2015 Reply

    I have some good news for brag my bag devotees in the Midddle East. Celine just slashed prices.
    Just bought my Micro for 9840 riyals reduced from 11000. So pleased! It was actually a gift from my big sis ……so chuffed!!!

    • Author
      Alex April 5, 2015 Reply

      Hi Lush, congrats! Do you think Celine is following the footsteps of Chanel and starts to slash prices? What leather is your micro bag made? And is it in single, bi or tri color?

      • Lush April 5, 2015 Reply

        Hi Alex

        Thank you. I bought one in bi colour- black and white. The shop assistant says its elephant leather. The white bit looks a bit distressed.

        I have a solid colour Micro in Vermillion, which is a bit out there so, I wanted a bag I could wear everyday. There was cobalt and green one I had my eye on as well, but I decided to go for a simpler one.

        Yes, I definitely think they are following in Chanel’s footsteps. I was even teasing the SA about it.

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