Celine Fall Winter 2015 Runway Bag Collection Part 2


Welcome to Celine Fall Winter 2015 Runway Bag Collection Part 2.

And while you might expect the iconic handbags like the luggage, trapeze, phantom and so on, we want to disappoint you. None of these bags have been found on the runway, perhaps they were hiding, we do not know.

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However, Celine did introduce their seasonal handbags, which are definitely worth to take a look because we know you will love them.

Ha! Pity huh, no classic bags.


The Celine bag that stole the runway, literally. It’s a brand-new tote bag, kind-of like the Cabas Bag, with enormous size to store everything-you need. It’s like a shopping tote and designed with the colors of the summer.

Love the orange, love the yellow.

And the zebra stripes on the handles add a personality to it.

Such a fresh bag is perfect for multiple purposes, like for the beach, city trip or even when you are on a well-deserved holiday.

And of course, Celine leathers will never disappoint you. And likewise, these bags are made from one of the best leather in the world.

You will absolutely love it.

So what do you think? Is it a buy or a no?












  1. Shaz September 10, 2015 Reply

    Although i love the Trapeze, Luggage and Phantom bags, i am so happy to see some fresh bags on the Celine runway. I absolutely love the oversized tote. It is so simple and classic. The orange, ruby, yellow colors are stunning, i even love the touch of animal print. I think it is the perfect bag not only for summer, but will make any winter outfit look fantastic.

    • Cynthia September 12, 2015 Reply

      The Trapeze, Luggage and Phantoms are the must haves. The new bags look stunning too. Are there any Celine bags on your wish list right now?

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