Are Chanel Bags From France or Italy?

November 2, 2012  |  CHANEL


If you ever find a sticker in a Chanel bag that reads: ‘made in China’, then immediately back off. There are no Chanel bags made in China, that doesn’t exist (well, maybe not yet and if it does, you will be the first to hear from us). Originally, Chanel bags are only made in France. It expanded to Italy. And today, we even find Chanel bags made in Spain.

If you really want ‘the best of the best’, just buy a Chanel bag made in France. It’s like eating your cake right out of the oven, still hot and fresh. Yummie!

But is there a different in quality between made in France and Italy? Some people around the world travel hours to Paris, just to get their Chanel dream bag. With its strong and extended history, buying Chanel in Paris is the ultimate experience. The quality of made-in-France bags are impeccable.

A lot of designer brands has settled their production in Italy, that’s because there is a large supply of skilled craftsman available. There is no doubt that Chanel bags, made in Italy, holds the same quality as made in France.

But more importantly, you should buy your dream bag as soon as Chanel has stock. You have no power in negotiation if the SA doesn’t have your dream bag in stock.


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  1. I have a Chanel handbag made in France. It has a serial number inside this handbag in a small plastic enclosure beginning with 939. This handbag zips on both sides. On side zips with a tassel on one side.

  2. my chanel bag is made in italy! thanks for this post! also my serial number starts with a 20… does that mean its made in 2015? Thanks

  3. Here’s a photo of the inside.

  4. I have a vintage Chanel purse I am interested in selling but I want to be sure it is authentic. It is made in France with no serial number. I attached a photo of the outside but the attachment button only lets me choose one, so I will post again with a pic of the inside. Thank you.

  5. Please help me authenticate this WOC, please….

  6. Hi there are so many chanels on ebay from Japan. Are they real?
    And this is the seller that I was looking at:

    • When its too good to be true, then it usually is. The price is far too low, given the condition of the bag. I am leaning toward more: ‘its not authentic’.

      Lychee, please upload images instead of links and the name of Ebay users, we do not want to promote any sellers, especially those that sell counterfeit designer products.

  7. I bought chanel woc lambskin#20..made in italy..from online shop. she gave me a receipt from printemps paris. i count the stitching on the bag..there are only 9 stitches per inch. now i am worry it fake.

  8. Hey I have a chanel purse that says made in Spain but has fake chains on it

  9. I have a made in france has no serial number that i can find but everything else is saying its real ,there is a # on the magnetic clasp is that it?

  10. I buy my new chanel double flap jumbo in ghw made in france but it does not have gold hallmark or stamp on cc turnlock idk why i feel sad is it authentic or what !!??

  11. Hi, i own a very old vintage golden chain Chanel purse made in France and i would need someone experienced to take a look at it. It looks amazing but i don’t see any serial number on it and i would like to state its authenticity. My email is / Thank youu

  12. Hi! My chanel bag said made in spain, the code number is also the same but the button says CHANEL Paris, and the zipper don’t have any logo my Chanel still remains authentic? Can someone help me!!!

  13. Hi,

    I bought chanel earrings on ebay but they have the ones that are made in Italy are they genuine, I’m just very weary.

    can you please let me if there is a difference between Italy or france.

  14. Can WOC Chanel ‘Made in Paris’? Thank you.

  15. so I’m not scammed…can the ‘made in france’ be printed in gold lettering or is there an actual sewn on label?

  16. I bought my second boy bag from a reseller and it says made in Italy. My first boy says made in France. Are the boy bags made in Italy as well?

  17. Hi. Could you guys help me authenticate some Chanel bag? Thanks

  18. HI there! Would you guys kindly help me authenticate these Chanel bags? I have little knowledge on Chanel, but more of an expert when it comes LV. Thanks

    Craiglist Chanel 1

    Craiglist Chanel 2

  19. Hi so happy I found your site. Please help I bought a Chanel bag from an estate sale. The leather feels very real. I even took it to a leather appraiser and he said the leather was real. But I am still not sure if real. It has no serial number on bottom but from what I have read on internet old channel bags didn’t. Also whats throwing me off is that the little label says made in Paris. Its all black even the cc emblem I can send you pics if you like I have a feeling it’s a very vintage chanel bag. Please help thank you.

  20. I own a vintage chanel lambskin 2.55 flap bag.

    It has a small marking on the front CC logo but does not has the “made in france” on the other side.

    Serial number starts with 3.

    Is there a chance it might be a fake?

    • How old is the vintage? Can you post it on the forum. Chanel 2.55 reissue has been changed through the years, it doesn’t necessary mean it’s fake. Can you also count the stitches? Chanel has 10+ stitches per inch.

  21. I owned 10 Chanel’s purses and all brought from Bergdorf Goodman, Chanel boutique and Neiman Marcus. My bags One made in France and 9 made in Italy. I don’t have one that was made in Spain. If you in fact bought your bags at a well known name department store then you should not worry if it is a fake.

  22. it depends on what chanel bag we are talking about. There is always a small label on the bags and it tells where the bag is made. If it is made in France, then it probably come from a Chanel factory in a little town on the north side of Paris.

  23. I have a Chanel bag from spain too

  24. Aren’t authentic Chanel bags only made in France?!

    • No no, some Chanel handbags are made in other countries. They can come from Italy or even SPAIN, but DEF. not from China. Did you check the ‘made in…’ tag on your chanel bag?

  25. All of my chanels are made in france

  26. I have a Chanel made in Spain, does anyone knows something about that?

    • I know girls who have bought authentic Chanel products made from spain. So Chanel from Spain is still authentic, which bag did you bought?


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