A Sporting Chic Life: Hermes Soie-Cool Bag


Hermes Soie Cool Bag Carre en Cravates
in Hydra Blue

Let’s travel back to Hermes most famous phrase: ‘A sporting life’. This concept has been injected in the brand-new Soie-cool bag. A new fashionable accessory combined with two elements, sport and chic.

The prints reminds me of Hermes’s scarf, they are like refined art and each with their own unique name, Carre en Cravates in hydra blue, Brides de Gala in blue/fire red and soft red/pearl grey. I love the unrestrained luxury that can be found in the printed silk and woven string shoulder strap. The value is not in the functionality, but the detailing, material and the complex masterpiece prints that you would expect to find in the museum. I personally love the Brides de Gala in soft red and pearl grey, seems to be a real treat for the fall and winter season. The colors pops, but it has the style that’s easy to play with.

These bags are available at Hermes boutique, but you can have them send to you through Hermes online store. The Carre and Cravates in hydra blue is only available in United States for $2,050. The Brides de Gala in blue/fire red and soft red/pearl grey is available in Europe for €1,300.

Which one is your favorite?



Hermes Soie Cool Bag Bridges de Gala
in Blue and Fire Red


Hermes Soie Cool Bag Bridges de Gala
in Soft Red and Pearl Grey


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