A Closer Look: Fendi Multicolor Signature 2jours Bag


Fendi is hell-bent on changing the fashion game with the upcoming release of the Multicolor Signature 2jours, an iconic mini-handbag that’s set to become your next favorite piece! The luxury goods house is wringing out all of their creative juices and putting a lot of thought to their new designs. Also, they are all about repackaging and re-inventing their timeless designs, whisking some ideas and putting them where they matter the most. No wonder they don’t run out of loyal fans…us included!

The Fendi Multicolor Signature 2jours Bag is still set to be released (we are itching to know more about it too!). With a price tag that’s still under covers, we don’t know much about this bag, except for some exclusive snapshots that we’ve brought just for you! If you notice the bag’s details, you can see that the black background contrasts the furry, colored ‘Fendi’ text nicely. If you’re into kooky, unconventional pieces, then you better watch out for this one!

Pictures courtesy of: Luksusowe Zakupy


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