A Closer Look: Chloe Drew Ring Shoulder Bag


For the girl who has everything, what more is there to give? Well, I would say this – a Chloe Drew Ring Shoulder Bag. This pretty showstopper is everything you could ever ask for, and more! It boasts a beautiful round and curved appearance, with gold metal hardware that take the term ‘sparkle’ into a whole new level. This Spring/Summer 2015, be prepared for a major style overhaul…well, sort of.

For starters, this bag had some humble beginnings – from a simple range of colors and smooth textured leathers, the Chloe Drew Ring is now about to evolve into an accent extravaganza. Bits and pieces of gold rings stitched onto extra leather straps, which adorn the bag ever so beautifully – you’ll never know what’s next. It also maintains its trademark lock, which fastens securely using a dainty pin – something unconventional in the handbag department, but ever-so charming that you couldn’t possibly resist. Priced around $3120 USD.

Stay tuned for more updates about the bag, nearing the shelves anytime soon.

Pictures courtesy of: luksusowezakupy


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