A Closer Look: Celine Bi Cabas Bag


The Celine Bi Cabas Bag is taking the industry by storm! If you’re into basic totes with extraordinary flair, you know where to look – it’s here! We love how the brand manages to challenge our expectations every season. The simplicity of their designs and their use of neutrals is a thumbs-up, because it makes their pieces highly versatile and wearable. Not too quirky, not too boring either. Striking a perfect balance in this industry is hard to do, and Celine has mastered the art.

This tote, with an undisclosed priced, is an elongated bag which is clearly useful for packing on a substantial amount of stuff. And if you’re gonna have a long day ahead, it pays to be on your toes in designer! Celine makes it a point to give you only the best – quality and style-wise. Especially if you’re a woman on-the-go, you would find this useful. We’re guessing that this piece is a durable one, which would stand the test of time, would you agree?

Tune in for more updates about this piece (and other amazing bags) soon!

Picture courtesy of: Sarah Wahed


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