Celine Seau Bag: The Designer Bucket


This year Celine presented a beautiful collection of male-female looks with lots of leather, pleats and fur inviting you to choose at your own will or just go the whole hog and wear it all at once in a daring yet beautiful combination.

The Celine Seau bag is the tip of the iceberg for the fall and winter look books particularly for day wear. If you like to carry a lot around with you this almost bottomless bag will let you fill it to the brim with all of your exciting goodies. It is simple and elegant but also bold and strong; you can take it on shopping trips and fill it with your trinkets that you do not want anyone to see or you could take it on a day trip. A bag of this size is ideal to fit a change of top in for the evening or an additional one if it gets cool at night.

It is so functional; you could do just about what you want with it. There are no pockets to define where to put your phone or keys; it is just a good, solid draw string bag. This is style of the Celine Seau bag not often seen on the high street so with your fashion consciousness and bold attitude it is one to buy and get ahead of the race as by the end of the year this will be such a hot item.

Use this bag to accessorize your lovable boyfriend jeans and brogues or your tapered pants and oversized blazer, it will finish off just but any of your wonderful fashion collections with ease and style.

What’s your opinion on the Celine Seau bag?




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  1. RoN September 20, 2013 Reply

    Hello, you know what’s the price is for this one? I’m drooling right now, hehe :))

    • Alex September 23, 2013 Reply

      Hi Ron, I thought this bag was last year collection, was retailed for $2,300 USD for single colors.

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